"Достаточно хорошие родители"
Курс из 8 еженедельных встреч, который позволит по-новому взглянуть Вам на взаимоотношения с Вашими детьми.
Чувства ребенка. Важны?
Наказание. Да или нет?
Успешное взаимодействие.
Когда мой ребенок станет самостоятельным?
Как правильно хвалить?
"Пишем" сценарий жизни.
Родительские послания. Расшифровка.
Гнев и негативные эмоции родителей.
Каринэ Григорян
Психолог, педагог, мама двоих детей
Автор курса психологических встреч "Достаточно хорошие родители". Восемь лет опыта работы с детьми от 2 до 18 лет, включающий в себя постоянный контакт с родителями. Консультант по вопросам детско-родительских отношений.
Course program
March, 25 – April, 9
What is the result?
You will be good and better in planning your business promotion politics, learn to create effective content and write for SEO, use analytics and make AB tests, create landing pages and learn copywriting
Our students about the course
I learned about some traffic tips. Now it's time to apply these methods. Thanks Alliance for coming up with this awesome course.
Maria Gulierm
Projects manager in Pixels
Thank you! Now I can see now how to improve my projects and get them much more better for a great result!
Christy Willson
Creative director in DD agency
It's been so mind-expanding and good for my skills. The time flies by because it's so intensely interesting. It really has a classroom feel, which is surprising to me.
Sarah Lewin
Founder of Pic Pen studio
The courses are comprehensive and all-encompassing. It's the best money I've spent in ten years of chasing education online.
Alex Larkins
Creative director SoSoul magazine
What we will give you after the course?
We wish you to start or keep on developing your business successfully.
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All lectures in pdf by e-mail
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We'll give a 10% discount for the full programm if you pay till March, 17
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